What school is the right fit for my child?

What are we going to do next year?

What do YOU think a quality education would look like for your child?


Join our expert panel and discussion around these and other big questions parents need to ask when making decisions about their child’s school. Learn more about what those big questions are and the concept of “right fit”. You find the right school by getting the answers to two fundamental questions:

  • Does the school’s educational vision align with my own?
  • Does the school have the capacity to discover and develop my child’s unique interests and abilities and at the same time to address their particular social and educational needs?

Our expert education panel includes:

Dr. Ted Spear (Ph.D)


Dr. Ted Spear’s lifelong fascination with the purpose and practices of K-12 education has spanned a career of over 25 years working as a teacher and administrator in public and independent schools. After completing a doctorate in Policy Studies in Education, he and a small group of dedicated parents founded Island Pacific School, an independent middle school in British Columbia. It was there that he learned what is most central and important about giving students an education that is worthy of the name. He also served as a middle school principal in an independent school in Vancouver, and co-founded another high school on Vancouver Island.

No matter what the context, Dr. Spear has always encouraged parents and educators alike to pursue the deepest and richest purposes of education. He has made numerous public presentations on the potential and pitfalls of contemporary schooling with titles like:

  • Schooling and Parenting in the 21st Century: What is Good …. And Not So Good
  • What Education Could Be: Reformulating Education One Remarkable Initiative at a Time
  • Education in a Changing World: What’s Coming and What We Need to Do About It
  • Masterworks (and the Future of Education)

He also co-wrote, with his teaching staff, a practical guide on implementing educational technology, entitled The Blended Learning Pilots at Island Pacific School, and is currently completing a book on the future of grade school education.

Dr. Spear’s investigations of educational philosophy and student assessment, his ongoing research of contemporary educational innovations, and most importantly, his extensive practical experience working with parents and educators allow him to offer a unique perspective on the core questions of educational purpose and delivery. He is a compelling and ultimately optimistic voice for the future of grade school education.

Visit his website to learn more: https://www.tedspear.com


Brad Carter (National Development Executive at Apple)


Every parent has not-so-secret anxieties about making decisions on behalf of their children: Brad Carter is very happy he made at least one good call when he sent his children to Island Pacific School. A former assistant head at IPS, he currently works as national development executive with Apple Education Canada focussing on the strategic development of technology and on improving the collective adaptive capacity of schools. Brad has spent more than 18 years exploring the impact of technology on society and, in particular, K12 education. A former teacher and school administrator, his global travels, which include leading an international student body and faculty around the world, have given him a broad perspective on schools and schooling. He is an experienced public speaker and has presented internationally as a keynoter and workshop leader and he’s happy to say that of all the schools he has seen, IPS is the best.


Island Pacific School is hosting this event which will take place at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver 2330 Cypress Bowl Lane, West Vancouver.