IPS Open House: Walk Through Time Showcases Arts, Individuals & Societies Wed., May 29th

Do you have a twin somewhere in art and history? What would it be like to walk through a gallery where the subject of the painting might appear and speak to you about their moment in time? If you could invent your own nation, what would you create? How did ancient civilizations operate and how did their belief systems impact society?

Island Pacific School’s annual ‘Walk Through Time’ Open House is happening at on Wednesday, May 29 and will showcase middle school education studies in the art, history and individuals and societies curriculums.

The Grade 8 cohort has begun work on the Twin Project where students find a painting that somewhat resembles them and research the artist, the subject and the time period of the painting. They use this knowledge to write a research-style essay for their Individuals and Societies course and paint a representation of the background of the painting they research in their Arts course.

In the next few weeks, the Grade 8 class will work on characterization in Arts leading towards: 1.) A photo shoot where they try to recreate the painting with them as the subject and, 2.) The walk through time presentation (open house) where the students physically act as a “living portrait” whilst guests interact with the work. Students will be in character as the subject of the painting and have a short speech ready to present to anyone who comes to view their work. Come and join us at our distinctly different middle school living art gallery where you, the audience, will get to learn about  and the characters in the paintings from the characters in the paintings!

Students in Grade 6 have been learning about global issues and governance around the world. They’ve learned about a lot of uncomfortable, unbearable, and unendurable conditions that occur daily on this planet, and as an antidote to all this learning, students have created their own nation where – through their problem solving skills – these conditions do not occur. Their presentations will explore their invented nations.

Students in Grade 7 have delved deep into the past and will be showcasing their learning on various ancient civilizations. Students have chosen a civilization from the ancient world to the 7th century and analyzed it in terms of how the environment helped to create and maintain this civilization, how people used and created technology, how the people within the civilization organized themselves into societies, how belief systems impacted society, and how trade networks affected their civilization. They will present their findings (in costume of course).

Grade 8 Twins Portraits 2018