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IPS Assistant Head & Teacher Awarded the 2019 Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence

Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence

Island Pacific School is thrilled to announce that Jennifer Henrichsen, IPS assistant head and teacher, has recently won The Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Since 1993, this award has recognized exceptional elementary and secondary school teachers in all disciplines with over 1,500 teachers honoured to date. Jennifer is one of 25 award winners across Canada and was recognized for her leadership and exemplary teaching practices including:

  • Digital and Creative Literacy in the Classroom
  • Innovative and Exemplary Teaching Practices
  • Support Student Success and Skills Development
  • Global Citizenship and Community Involvement
  • Commitment and Leadership

On a daily basis Jennifer finds ways to channel her passion for teaching into rich and meaningful learning experiences that inspire our students to express the very best of what it means to be human. She is a consummate professional whose work embodies IPS’s strong foundation of wisdom, courage and integrity. Jen is a superb role model for the students under her charge, the staff and teachers she leads, as well as the parents she engages with on a daily basis.