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Equip & Inspire Student Conference

The IPS Equip and Inspire Conference has now come and gone and I am so pleased with the way it all came together as a vehicle to not only meet our BC Education Career Education Curriculum core competencies and big ideas, but also provide meaningful connections between our parent community and our student body. I am a huge believer in the value of bringing youth together with adult mentors and the combination of our keynote speakers, workshop leaders and speakers was a great step in this direction.

IPS Founding Head of School Dr. Ted Spear kicked off the Conference with an inspiring presentation that was uniquely captured by fellow afternoon keynote presenter, and past Assistant Head of IPS, Brad Carter in the doodle below. Ted likened cultivating personal values to a “bag of marbles” and helped students understand big ideas like conformity and how we all need to be guided by a moral compass that is based on ethical principles. He emphasized that as humans, we get to choose our core values and we should work hard to fill our marble bag with values such as wisdom, courage and integrity. He acknowledged that choosing courage over comfort is not always easy and that choosing what is right over what is fun, fast and easy is also a challenge and distinguished that professing values is much different than practicing them.

After Ted’s keynote, students attended two “Equip” workshops centered on financial literacy and volunteerism and resume building. Many thanks to Deidre Smith, Oydis Nickle, and Robert Ballantine for leading these informative sessions.

The afternoon began with Brad Carter’s powerful and captivating keynote on a sampling of his 68 “life lessons”. Students and all attendees were spellbound by this fascinating collection and the related stories. His keynote was truly inspiring and served as a wonderful kickstart to our afternoon of “Inspire” speakers.

Many thanks the talented and inspiring speakers including:

Anne Marie DeLuise (Acting)

John White (Technology/Game industry)

Scott Massey (Artist)

Leonardo Frid (Environmental Studies)

Martin Wood (Film Director)

Simon Bicknell (Doctor-Radiologist)

Chris Wilson (Lawyer)

Paulo Arreaga (Law Enforcement)

Kim Anderson (Interior Designer)


Scott Herrington

Head of Island Pacific School


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