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Bronwyn Churcher and Knacker's Yard

Bronwyn Churcher and Knacker’s Yard

Sally Haggerstone, Travis Haggerstone and Noah Gotfrit joined Scott and I last Saturday at IPS to reminisce about IPS, both from a student’s perspective and as returning alumni.

While Noah only did grade 9 at IPS, it had a lasting effect on him. He was an early and rare town commuter and he recalled taking the water taxi with Michael Simmons, the Head at that time. He worked in program support and attempted to work with Scott around creating some sort of a music club which proved a challenge at that time. He also was involved in discussions about continuity for students and the related transitions to high school. Noah is currently a jazz musician.

Travis graduated in 2003, but returned to IPS to assist with class hiking trips and kayak expeditions, in addition to coaching Ultimate and attending Spring Reign in this capacity. He recalled customizing ultimate uniforms.

When Sally entered the school last Saturday, she immediately thought to remove her shoes! She recalled a no outdoor shoe rule – everyone wore socks or indoor slippers in the school! Her first year was when we were located in what is now the Municipal building.

She talked about the Odyssey (grade 10 program) and how amazing it was – sailing from Nanaimo, hiking part of the West Coast Trail and attending the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.

She spent at least one year in the Muni building and was one of our second year of grads, graduating in 2001. There was the reference to the chats with Ted – referred to as munga munga – which definitely held a mystique for the students then and still now as she wasn’t entirely sure what happened in those talks in Ted’s office.

We all went down to the Bowen pub after and enjoyed Bronwyn Churcher and Knacker’s Yard till the wee hours!


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