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New Community Partner –

SPUD fundraising is a program for schools and community organizations.

IPS is promoting the purchase of SPUD fundraising produce boxes and/or fundraising gift cards to our families. In return SPUD will handle all orders, deliveries, and assist in promotion.

25% of the total sales (not just profit) of the fundraising produce boxes will be donated and 10% of the total sales of all fundraising gift cards will be donated back to IPS.

As long as we’ve raised at least $50, SPUD will send us a cheque for the total donation amount once per quarter.

SPUD is B-Corp certified Canadian owned and operated business. SPUD has a local-first purchasing policy with strong focus on organic status and other sustainability indicators that guide their partnerships. Their retail model significantly reduces food waste and makes grocery shopping more energy efficient.

Any SPUD box from will generate a donation to our fundraiser. While most are produce-only and will generate a 25% donation, there are several that have non-produce items and will generate a 10% donation – each box is clearly labeled. These boxes have various themes such as local-only, organic fruit only, organic greens only, office fruit, or peak season produce.

To register for fundraising, simply enter the promotional code “Fundraising” at checkout and select your group from the drop down menu – this only needs to be done once.

Most boxes have several options to swap out specific items for others and other groceries can be combined with the fundraiser boxes.

Place your order today and start fundraising for IPS!

SPUD Fundraising FAQ

SPUD Fundraising Handout

Questions? Contact Julia McCaig, Director of Development and Alumni Relations or call 778.989.0771.