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Giving Story: Elizabeth Wooding

Elizabeth Wooding, IPS parent and board member talks about what IPS means to their family…

“IPS means so much more to me than simply being a great little school that my kids go to. It embodies a whole philosophy around learning and ultimately — life. IPS is about character and it weaves this into every aspect of its fabric. At IPS big questions are asked directly and indirectly: Who are you? Who do you want to become and why? And how do you want to be in community with others? To me this is the essence and the primary building block to education and to life, and why Simon and I want to support IPS today and into the future.

Simon and I donate to the school because we want to see it continue to be a centre for community that focuses on youth, weaving character into each layer of its fabric.”

Elizabeth Wooding

IPS Parent & Board Member