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Jeremy Bally (2002 alum) marries Kendal Miller

By Marcel Bally / Bowen Island Undercurrent
AUGUST 9, 2018

Jeremy Bally and Kendal Miller were married on Bowen on July 28, but they got to the altar with a little help from their friends.

Last October, to the soundtrack of crashing waves, our son Jeremy Bally proposed to Kendal Miller at the lighthouse at the Cape.

Given that our son grew up on Bowen, learned how to take risks on Bowen (and subsequently to talk to Bowen’s wonderful RCMP officers), went to Island Pacific School on Bowen, and had the teenage realization that his mom knows everyone on Bowen, we came up with the perfect theme.

This was to be a “Made on Bowen” wedding.

With a swell of community effort, Jeremy and Kendal were married July 28, 2018 on our Bowen Island property.

So we’ve got some thank you’s to dole out!

First, we want to thank Bowen herself, the unceded territory of the Squamish Nation. We get complacent about this special place and we should not!

Dave Paulus and crew took down some hazard trees and open up the spot for the marriage-to-be.

Cam Rolfe and crew (sorry I am lousy with names) spent many, many long hours in the rain and mud and hot sun to clear land, build a foundation for a green house and, at the last moment, built a shed (now called the Love Shack.)

Scott Stevenson stepped up to flatten and clear areas for seeding. In April we had dirt and in July we had grass- thanks Bruce Culver and sons!

Thanks to Jen Mc and the Island Girls (I swear I saw a couple of guys) for cleaning the gardens and making a trail!

Richard Mayo and his partner (I’m really bad with names) built fences (the deer needed to be protected from the crowds.)

Missy Manor housed our dogs (Sammy-our gal, Diesel-the fostered, and Sparrow- the rescued).

Basia and Paul organized the venue. One highlight of the wedding will be my memory of Basia stressing because of too few hands, but working with Ono, our eight-year-old visitor from England, to get the tables set. Related- a special thank you to all our visiting family, Bowen friends and Jeremy and Kendal’s friends who helped before and after with the set-up/take-down jobs (did I mention it was hot!). They were invaluable!

I Will Cut You (Sadie and Karmyn) provided fabulous hair and makeup!

Thanks to all the bed and breakfasts that hosted our son and Kendal (Jen and Alan), our daughter and Matt (Henry) and Kendal’s family and friends.

As well we need to thank those that put up with last minute changes (Barbara and Lucia) to our plans.

Peter King and his bus-thanks!

Caroline Walker provided outstanding flower advice.

Caroline McDonald provided straw bales for extra seats.

Shelagh MacKinnon performed her last official wedding ceremony before moving off of Bowen Island- she is such a great person. Jeremy and Kendal were so blessed to be married by her.

Matt Matheson and crew (sorry again) catered the event. The food was awesome!

Jaman and Carrie (Copper Kettle) made a most excellent plum hot sauce!

Wagsville Dog Camp provided much need parking and thanks to all our neighbours on and near Harding Road for allowing the late night festivities.

Jesse Toso carved an old cedar stump into something special- a hand holding a church- and he also gave us a mushroom and an image of Dumbledore. Ok to be honest Jesse does not live on Bowen, but he loves working on Bowen, so that counts.

Although it may not be appropriate to thank an inanimate object, my tractor and trailer were the best -offering much needed aid to move so much “stuff” up and down the property and to provide rides for kids (and some adults) during the reception.

I hope I have not missed anyone, but we are Bowenians and Bowenians are understanding.

Thanks Bowen- what a marriage you threw!