by Scott Herrington

Visiting social media expert Jesse Miller of visited during the IPS workshop week and shared a compelling presentation to students entitled “A Connected Culture of Story Tellers”. His presentation focused on engaging and dialoguing with students on the realities of the culture of media that they are all immersed in. He offered practical steps on how to minimize the risks and also how to separate the fact from fiction in our world of viral “fear-mongering”.

His socratic presentation style had the students captivated with insightful questions like:
Where are your images and videos hosted? Who has access to them? How do social media giants make money? What is social media worth to you? When and where do you actively remove technology from your life?

His mission was to help IPS students make their experience with the internet and social media better and he is driven to empower students to have a voice. Students interaction with social media becomes a “road map” of conduct and he concluded his presentation with four key imperatives:

  • Share your story as if the whole planet is watching. Imagine that every time you Snap Chat a selfie, post a new status, or share a meme or image that your parents, teachers, relatives, and possibly thousands of others you do not even know, will see it.
  • Treat social media like a final draft. The internet rarely forgives mistakes.
  • Share your story, not the story of others (unless you have their consent).
  • Find your balance and find ways to pause technology.

Incredible opportunities exist in this mediated reality that we all live in to create share and discuss. As an educational community, IPS needs to foster intellectual engagement on this topic so that we can all develop citizenship, leadership and self-confidence.

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