What do biodegradable plastics, insulation, and plant growth all have in common? They are all subjects of science experiments done by grade 7 and 8 students at IPS. Each year, students are given time and support to choose a topic, design, and conduct an experiment. Once complete, the students present their experiments at a school-wide science fair that is open to friends, parents and visitors. The projects are judged and the top experiments are chosen to represent the school at the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair at UBC in April.

The value of having students engage in the science fair is that, through inquiry, students can go deeper into learning about something they feel is interesting and has value. By following the scientific method, they become a part of the scientific community and gain an appreciation for all the discoveries that humans have made in the past and are yet to come in the future.

There are just over 3 weeks left to complete the experiments, write up the results, and prepare the presentation. This is a big project and some students need support to stay on track and complete their experiments. While teachers and support staff are working hard to support students along the way, parents are encouraged to get involved with their child’s progress. Asking questions, participating in the trials, and proof reading the reports are all ways that parents help and engage with their youth scientist. Students use a planning document on Google Classroom for writing up their experiments and receive feedback from their teacher each week.

All scientists will get a chance to share their work at the Science Fair Open House on Wednesday, February 8.  The public joins volunteer judges and the chief scientist, Pam Matthews to ask questions about the projects.

Join Us!
When:  Thursday, February 9, 6-8pm
Where: 671 Carter Rd, Bowen Island

Getting Here
Coming from off-island? Arriving home from work? Catch the 5:30 ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Snug Cove, Bowen Island. The IPS Bus will pick you up in Snug Cove at 6:00 pm and return you at 7:45 pm for the 8:00 pm ferry.

We look forward to welcoming you to IPS!