Liz Williams is a Captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force, serving as a First Officer on the CH146 Griffon helicopter at 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron in Edmonton, Alberta. While she had originally envisioned herself as a fighter pilot, early in training a quick flight in a helicopter completely converted her, and she now feels sorry for pilots who can’t hover. With 408 Squadron, Liz has had the opportunity to travel as far as Las Vegas, NV (transiting an aircraft home from exercises) and CFS Alert, NU, which is the northernmost permanently inhabited installation in the world. Liz plans to become an Aircraft Captain in the coming months, and looks forward to whatever her career will bring her next.

Liz Williams attended IPS for Grades 7 through 9, starting in 1998. She also attended Island Pacific Odyssey, an experimental Grade 10 program, in the 01/02 school year, before completing high school on the mainland. While at IPS, she enjoyed all of the many trips and experiences offered, particularly hiking and kayaking; but perhaps one of the most life-changing opportunities was the chance to fly in a Cessna 172 aircraft in Grade 8 thanks to the generosity of Mr Ian Henley. This experience first interested Liz in aviation, and she joined the Royal Canadian Air Cadets the following year in order to pursue that interest. While in Cadets, Liz learned more about the Canadian Forces and eventually decided to pursue a career as a military pilot.

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