Role and Authority of the Committee

The main tasks and requirements for the Nomination Committee are set out in the IPS Board governance principles and are:

  1. Identifying, evaluating and recommending candidates for appointment or reappointment as Directors; and
  2. Keeping under review the mix of knowledge, skills and experience of the Board to ensure the orderly succession of Directors

Committee Composition and Activities

The Nomination Committee for academic year 2008-2009 was composed of the, Board Chair (Kim Brooks), Vice Chair (David McCullum) and Head of School (Michael Simmonds). The primary work of the Committee has been the continuation of the process to select successors to retiring board members Joanne Forbes, Boudewijn Neijens and Lisa Day who have completed their terms and have (with the entire School’s great appreciation and encouragement) decided to not run again. With the help of all Directors, the Committee has adopted a robust process. Key strategic issues facing IPS were identified through discussions with individual board members and from these discussions the committee built a list of desired talents and experience. In addition, the call went out to the IPS community for expressions of interest in joining the Board.

The Board has been regularly briefed on the work of the committee and the resulting broad group has been refined, and four excellent candidates were identified and agreed to stand for election in the 2009 AGM.

The Nomination Committee is pleased to endorse the following candidates for election to the IPS Society Board of Directors:

  • Michelle Gibson, Bowen Island
  • Jon Heath, Bowen Island
  • Gary Scrivens, Bowen Island
  • Deb Thomson, Bowen Island

The committee will actively continue to keep the skills of the board under review and pursue its refreshment.

Island Pacific Board Nomination Committee Process:

  1. In December of each year, the Board will be canvassed. Those members that have completed their first (three year) term will be asked if they will return for a second term. Any members intending to resign in September the following year should indicate so at this time.
  2. In January a  Nomination Committee (the “Committee”) will be struck and will meet to address: (a) Board member numbers required; (b) the skills and qualifications required for a complete and well balanced team; (c) succession planning, with particular interest in the formal roles of Treasurer, Chair and Secretary; and (d) the specific skills required to drive the school’s strategic vision and/or to address specific pressing need(s).
  3. The Committee members shall include the Chair and the Head of School.
  4. The Committee will prepare an announcement to the IPS community which describes the role of the Board, the requirements for participating on the Board, and an invitation to be considered as a Nominee.
  5. The Committee will present their list of nominee candidates to the Board, considering applicants or referrals from the Board and the IPS community. All prospective nominees will be discussed, and the Board will develop a list of candidates to recommend at the IPS Annual General Meeting. Should certain applicants be deemed unsuitable, the Chair will meet with them and invite them to participate in another manner which can utilize their talents. Should the Committee be unable to identify a potential candidate with the qualifications required, a job description will be written and advertised to attract suitable nominee candidates.  This is particularly critical for financial and/or legal governance.
  6. Each February, the Committee will approach the prospects in the order that the Board has specified  and will solicit their level of interest in joining the Board.
  7. The Chair and members of the Committee will meet with those prospective Board nominees who indicate an interest in joining the Board. Those candidates that who commit to the School’s Mission  and Vision, and who agree to commit to the IPS Board Mandate, Charter of Responsibilities and Code of Ethics shall become Board nominees. Board Nominees carry the same responsibilities as all voting Board members, and commit to holding all information they are privy to in the strictest confidence.
  8. No later than each March, the new Board nominees will be invited to participate in all Board meetings and other activities, but are not voting Board members.
  9. Board nominees become official Board members upon being voted in at the AGM which occurs each September/October.
  10. Board Members and the Head are encouraged to recommend potential candidates throughout the year to the Board Chair, who will compile the recommendations and forward them to the Committee upon request. Casual conversations directly with prospects about joining the Board are discouraged until the names are vetted by the Board.


For a detailed more report please read the Annual Report.


David McCullum, Chair of Board Nominations Committee