Launched: February 2009

Target: $20,000

Amount Raised: $20,140

The first Annual Giving Campaign was officially launched on February 21st at the home of Kathleen Sullivan and Clive Jones. Members from the entire IPS community were invited including the School’s Founder, Dr. Ted Spear, current and former IPS parents, current and former board members, members of the Senior Advisory Council, the entire IPS staff, friends of the school, and IPS alumni. It was an exciting and fun evening.

The purpose of the launch was to help people understand the important role annual giving campaigns play in the life of every successful and sustainable independent school. Tuition fees typically cover 70% to 80% of a school’s costs for delivering a high-quality education. Government grants, bursaries, fundraising initiatives, and annual personal donations make up the balance. The proceeds raised from the inaugural Annual Giving Campaign ensures that each Island Pacific School student is given every possible opportunity to excel both within, and beyond, the classroom walls.

Our goal was to raise $20,000 by the end of June and our target was reached. The Board led the initiative with contributions totaling $4,500. The Head of School and IPS Staff collectively raised $1,300—an amount that has been generously matched by an anonymous donor. Here is what that donor had to say about the campaign and the staff’s financial contribution back to the school.

“When asked to contribute to the Annual Giving Campaign the question was not should we give, but where do we start in our commitment? The value of the education at IPS encourages us to contribute, but our belief in the educators helped us to decide where our giving begins. The $1,300 contribution from the teachers was so inspiring that we will start by matching that and we will continue to match teacher’s contributions. This is our way of acknowledging the greatness that is IPS and also recognizes yet another example of how much our teachers give.”

Our IPS families, alumni, and community supporters contributed the balance to our campaign. Many directed their donations to one of four specific areas: Programme Enrichment, Bursaries, Ted Spear’s Scholarship Fund, or the Head of School Initiative Fund.

The new Annual Fund will support enhancements that are planned and identified as those that are going to create the most difference to the most students.

A sampling of the items and initiatives the Staff would love to see in the school include:

  • sponsorship of both wellness and leadership programs
  • smart boards for Science and English
  • a new IPS & Canadian flag
  • new textbooks for Math 6&7, Science 6,7,8, and Humanities 8&9
  • art supplies
  • industrial recycling bins
  • expansion of the P.E. program to include sailing, mountain biking, scuba diving
  • a deer proof vegetable garden
  • a renovated computer lab
  • an expanded library
  • landscaping an outdoor classroom

This September, all of our students will be directly benefiting from your most generous contributions.

Thank you.

Chair: Jo Forbes (Retired September 2009)

Committee Members: Michael Simmonds, Michelle Gibson, Barb Bingham