Alumni Relations Committee Report

Director of Alumni Relations: Dyan Spear

IPS Staff Liason: Brad Ovenell-Carter

For more detail read the full report in the Annual Report.

The objective of this working group  has been to address  getting  the alumni (a unique combination of students and parents )involved and connected to the school so they will support IPS by assisting with student recruitment (i.e. by way of testimonials) and  by coming back to the school to give presentations, and (eventually) by supporting the school financially. Several  initiatives have been put  forward so that the alumni can  create venues for people to reconnect over the years and to keep the core ideals of the school alive by telling the IPS story.

Initiatives in process:

    • Facebook Alumni group
    • Communications database
    • Gala Masquerade
    • Golden Disk/Ultimate
    • Masterworks Advisors
    • IPS Speaking engagements
    • Spring 2010 IPS alumni reunion
    • Commemorative book
    • IPS ring