Learning to make a difference.
Inspired to make waves.

“Our middle school students accomplish so much in the four years they are here…in their own mental and physical development and their sense of self. They know who they are, they have a head on their shoulders, and they know what they want to do with it.”

Jennifer Henrichsen, Assistant Head

“At Island Pacific School you always feel someone is there, who loves you or is there for you to learn…

…it made me know who I was, it made me figure out who I wanted to be in life. It made me realize how great I could be.” 

Connor W.

Watch our video to see why Island Pacific School, located on Nex̱wlélex̱m (Bowen Island) is no ordinary middle school

We have a few places left in grades 6-9 for the coming academic year. It’s never too early to start planning your child’s crucial middle years.

1st Curriculum

Engineered: How we help lay the foundation for ever-increasing understanding and ability as an individual makes their way in the world.
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2nd Curriculum

Experiences: Show students how they can take responsibility for their own actions and progressively increase their own self-agency to become persons of character.
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IPS Masterworks

Can a 14-year-old be expected to conduct a public presentation similar to a TED talk?  IPS students have been doing so for over 20 years through a program called Masterworks.

Our middle school curriculum recognizes the importance of independent study.  Self-selected, self-directed, and self-presented, this Masterworks independent study project is compulsory for every Grade 9 student and marks a significant academic achievement at IPS.

Meet the Students!

They are alive and inspired, brave and accepted, and challenged daily to express the best of what it means to be human. They feel a sense of belonging and acceptance and are innovative and resilient. They are amazing!


Our program is developed to equip and inspire middle school kids to cultivate their humanity.  IPS is distinctly different: a middle school with 64-72 kids taught by middle school experts.


2 women with bowl of dough


1st & 2nd Curriculum comprises a wide range of subjects.  But a day at Island Pacific School is much more than a list of classes.



At Island Pacific School it is our job as educators to equip and inspire students to cultivate their humanity.



Philanthropy has been the reason IPS has thrived for 25 years. Help us soar through the next 25!