Island Pacific School is an independent middle school that equips and inspires students to cultivate their humanity at this pivotal point in their lives. We are an educational community that fosters intellectual engagement, citizenship, leadership and self-confidence.


Island Pacific School inspires excellence in middle school education.



Acting on the basis of reliable information tempered by judgment.


People with wisdom commit to learning how to have intelligent conversations and to use that skill for finding the truth, if it can be found. If it cannot, they seek for a better understanding of the problems at hand.


Rising to challenges and welcoming new opportunities with a spirit of anticipated success.


People with courage accept new challenges willingly and with a spirit of anticipated success. They enthusiastically encourage others to do the same. They defend their convictions vigorously with good argument, but are equally ready to change their mind when given better argument.


Interacting in an honest, transparent and just manner.


People of integrity hold themselves accountable for both what they do and what they fail to do. They treat themselves and others with respect.

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