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MARCH 9 & 10


The Mainstage Production at IPS

A highlight for students and their audiences every year, the IPS musical theatre production is a voluntary extracurricular activity that has used both original and adapted material to mount an impressive student show each spring.



When using adapted work, students start the production process by brainstorming ideas for additional original material. Teachers help by editing the final script after soliciting student input. Songs that are adapted for the show are often rewritten by students who elect to sit on the Creative Team in the beginning of the school year.

We’re grateful for the tireless efforts of parent volunteer Anne Wilson, who stepped up to design and sew a slew of Shakespearean tunics for our “Star-Crossed” production and has generously offered her services for “As You Wish” as well.

Auditions & Rehearsals

All students are invited to audition their talents and the show frequently features over half the student body in some capacity. Students are involved in acting, singing, musical instrumentation, dance, set construction and tech production (such as lighting and sound) and even the ever-demanding job of stage managing.

A short rehearsal run takes the place of our Monday & Thursday Ultimate program during the winter when the weather starts to favour indoor activities (such as theatre). The real magic happens when the lines are (almost!) memorized and dress rehearsals take place.

Past Musicals

  • The BFG: Dreams, Queens and Human Beans. This  family-friendly theatrical production was inspired by Roald Dahl’s The BFG.
  • As You Wish (2014) – An ambitious and wildly successful attempt to turn the famous movie “The Princess Bride” into a musical production.
  • Star-Crossed (2013) – A comical musical interpretation of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet that managed to avoid the famous double suicide at the end.
  • MacBooth (2012) – A musical sci-fi adventure that married elements of Shakespeare’s MacBeth with Dr. Who and the IPS universe.
  • Sugarloaf (2011)
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