Island Pacific School (IPS) is an IB World School teaching the Middle Years Program. It received its accreditation in July 2009.The IB Middle Years Program (MYP) is a rigorous curriculum that builds on the inquiry-based IB Primary Years Program. Students study 5 academic courses (English, French, Humanities, Science and Mathematics) with an emphasis on interdisciplinary connections and critical thinking.Island Pacific School teachers are all trained in the MYP methodologies. All subjects are taught by specialist teachers, and all subjects meet or exceed Ministry of Education guidelines.

Experiential Learning

To develop balanced lives, IPS students take part in an extensive and unique experiential programs that take place off-campus, including our Community & Service and Expedition Programs.

Our Expedition program exposes students to a variety of activities, including hiking, backpacking, camping, sea kayaking, snowshoeing, wall climbing and sailing. Our outdoor education program is operated both on and off-island.


As part of our Arts Program, beginning at grade 6, students take music instruction, primarily using guitars and studio-recording technology. Students also take theatre instruction and participate in a school-wide musical, both written and designed by students, at the end of each school year.

Inquiry-Based Learning

A major feature of the IB Middle Years Program is inquiry-based learning. As much learning as possible is done through inquiry – seeking knowledge through carefully crafted questions that connect a variety of aspects of the curriculum. Our emphasis on project-based learning aligns particularly well with inquiry, as seen in major projects such as the Walk Through Time, Art & Design Tech Expo, Science Fair, and Masterworks. Another important feature in the MYP is critical thinking, which we promote through assignments that move students well beyond recalling facts. Additionally, we offer a course we call Practical Reasoning, in which students begin at grade 6 by learning the basics of logic such as fallacies and inductive/deductive reasoning, and which culminates in an introduction to Western philosophy in grade 9 based on an in-depth study of Sophie’s World.

The learning environment at Island Pacific School is built upon a close relationship with outstanding teachers, who create a curriculum that challenges and interests the students. The collegial atmosphere is one of collaboration, cooperation and the pursuit of excellence. Our learning environment is also rich due to the close relationships cultivated between students and teachers, and students and their peers. Ours is a small school which thrives upon a strong sense of school culture, citizenship, scholarship, leadership and integrity.

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