Program Overview

Guided by a highly qualified teaching staff, the middle school program at IPS is designed to provide a foundation for Grade 6-9 students who may wish to pursue International Baccalaureate (IB) or Advanced Placement (AP) programs in high school. Every graduate is prepared to successfully complete the B.C. Ministry Graduation Program in Grades 10-12 when they reach high school.

The academic curriculum at IPS is enriched for every student to include practical reasoning, philosophy, ethics, creative arts and critical discourse. A Masterworks extended project and public oral defense is compulsory for Grade 9 students. As well, students at every grade participate in monthly excursions that have a cultural, curricular, or activity-based focus.

Expeditions in the fall, winter, and spring terms have the entire school involved in challenging outdoor educational pursuits such as backpacking, cross-country skiing, and ocean kayaking. Some students at every grade receive additional learning support through a program that helps them develop improved time management, organizational, and study skills.

The IPS teaching environment is both intimate and engaging. It fosters an environment of shared trust and mutual respect. Throughout the day, and throughout the year, students participate in a wide range of academic, artistic, and recreational pursuits designed to foster scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and self-advocacy.

Download a the BAA Masterworks 10 course here.