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Parents and guardians, thank you for supporting the Island Pacific School mission, our core values and the school philosophy. The following resources will help you stay connected with your child’s education at IPS.


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Pitch in

Service is a key principle for our curriculum and parent participation is one of the foundations of our small school. Volunteering is a great way to meet other families.
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Our volunteer co-ordinator for 2016-17 is Debbie Ross. She has a complete list of available jobs. We are always open to new ideas for ways you might want to share your talents.

Grade Reps

Thank you to our 2016-17 Grade Reps:

Gr 6 – Rebecca Salmon

Gr 7 –  Cindy De Connick

Gr 8 –  Helen West-Sadler

Gr 9 –  Donna Kreutzer

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IPS Grade Reps meet weekly with the Head who provides an update on school developments, then hears from the Reps about any issues that may be of concern. The Grade Reps also work with the Volunteers Co-ordinator, Fundraising Leads and Connect Parents about opportunities to get involved.

Big Picture

Learn about the Why’s and How’s of Island Pacific School: our philosophy, mission, vision & values.
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Links to popular resources about parenting conundrums. We also have a lending library in the office.

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Cyber Safetysafesmartsocial.com

Erase Bullyingerasebullying.ca

Decision Making Help – Are you in decision-making mode about the next steps for your child? Maybe these 10 Big Questions to Ask Yourself  will help.

Middle Years – Here is a great little article from Carman-Ainsworth Middle School in Michigan entitled “What to Expect in the Middle Years”

School Supplies List

Here is link to school supplies list: School Supplies List

Uniforms Orders

At IPS we have a casual uniform for daily wear. We dress up for excursions and special occasions.

Order your uniform items by July 15th.  Pay for your order between June 12-17 and you save the GST! We host a gently used sale in May & Sept.

  1. Pullover (green for grade 6, 7, & 8 navy for grade 9)
  2. Collared golf shirt (short sleeves)
  3. Hoodie (green for grade 6, 7, & 8 navy for grade 9)
  4. Gym Strip: Wicking Shorts and House T-Shirt
  5. Optional items:
    • IPS Light Grey Bamboo Shirt, Track Pants, Track Jacket
    • We highly recommend purchasing the pre-printed name labels for your child’s clothing.

Cambridge Intro Letter

Cambridge Uniforms IPS Discount Week

Uniform Order Form

Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education

IPS students are all issued an IPS Google Apps for Education account. They become familiar with the full G-Suite very quickly. During the first week of school your child will be given a Google Apps orientation to learn how their IPS email account is to be used for school purposes. Students will be assigned their own IPS email account, get access to Google Docs for document sharing, and will be added to Google Classrooms for their academic classes. Students are instructed to share their account login ID and password with their parents.

Getting Started

To learn more, we have short video tutorials for parents who would like an overview or reminder of how to start using IPS E-mail, the Google Calendar and Student E-Portfolios –  just some of the Google Apps tools. Please be sure to take a few moments to review these.

Youtube playlist of Google Apps tutorials

Excursion Logistics

The Wednesday schedule exists to help us pull off a tremendous number of excursions and special events throughout the year that extend learning beyond the walls of a classroom.

Logistics for Parents & Students

  • IPS normally either charters a bus or uses the IPS School Bus to take the group from Horseshoe Bay (HSB) to their Excursion destination (sometimes they use public transit).
  • We plan to return to Horseshoe Bay at a specific time and to catch a specific ferry. Of course, there’s always a chance that traffic could delay the group’s return time. In that case, we will send an email to you to advise (or, get the phone tree going to spread the word).
  • Upon arrival in HSB, the group is dropped off in front of the terminal.
  • The off-island students are then dismissed and can catch their bus or ride home. Parents should plan and discuss the particulars of these logistics with their child prior to the Excursion.
  • Bowen students will travel back to Bowen together and are dismissed upon arrival in Snug Cove to walk or catch their bus or ride home.
  • The best likely meeting spot if you are picking up your child is the Bowen Library.
  • Again, please plan and discuss your family’s arrangements with your child prior to the Excursion.
  • If you wish to arrange to pick up your child directly from the Excursion location, you will need to contact the teacher acting as excursion coordinator in advance to advise her.
  • The bus cannot make stops along the way to drop off students.
  • The Excursion Uniform is required (unless otherwise notified): IPS collared shirt & v-neck sweater.
  • As the group leaves before the lunch break, a bagged lunch & snacks will be needed.

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